Compelled by the Gods
The Miscreants Meet

A dream of a hazy figure in a throne room sends each of our antagonists a clear message: your god(dess) commands you to work together to save the realm. They meet at the crumbling Inn of Two Knives.

Amaranta: a human cleric pyromaniac
Guidrom: a human monk
Kazam: a half-djinni antipaladin
Evangelique: a sorceress trapped in the body of a child
Urburis: a zen archer monk terrified of fire
Redguard: a tiefling fighter that occasionally becomes a minotaur
Rainier: an aasimar fighter
Nanunanu: a gnome sorcerer with an eye for the ladies

The party does not hit it off right away.

At the inn, darkness descends upon the hag and insists that those with knowledge show the others the way. She and the barkeep disappear, leaving the party alone in a suddenly burning building.

Several of the party receive cryptic messages from their gods. “Cold winds circling above the clouds.” “The silver oak has been tarnished.” “Darkness that feeds the light.” “Voices of the gods it fears indisdiuos time into dust.” “The god of fear turns truth to dust.”

Ordered to lead the group by her god, Evangelique intelligently deciphers the messages. A druid has been kidapped by mages and is being forced to create a deadly poison. The party must save him so that he can develop an antidote.


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